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Savannah Human Services Administration Graduate Students Visit Georgia Capitol

Posted by Saint Leo University | Continuing Education on Mar 22, 2016 10:01:00 AM

Human services students from Saint Leo University’s Savannah Education Center recently had the opportunity to learn more about the state government and the impact of legislation on organizations and businesses designed to help community members.

On February 24, the graduate students visited the Capitol in Atlanta. The students in the new Human Services Administration Program have been learning about legal and ethical issues in human services agencies. Dr. Melissa Harvey, graduate faculty in human services, organized the trip through State Senator Lester Jackson's office in Savannah.

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How to Choose the Right Graduate Degree Program

Posted by Saint Leo University | Continuing Education on Jun 22, 2015 11:08:13 AM

Choosing the right graduate degree program is vital to having a work life that you love. After all, if you select the wrong set of courses, you could easily find yourself heading toward a career that lacks any real passion or purpose for you. It’s kind of like getting on the wrong train and not realizing until you’re almost to your destination that you took a wrong turn, eventually causing you more grief and aggravation than you’ve bargained for.

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The Potential of the MBA

Posted by Saint Leo University | Continuing Education on May 26, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Did you know that the average salary for a graduate degree holder is around 80,000? And from that number on, you can only imagine what an MBA graduate earns after graduation. This comprehensive degree takes around 2 years to complete and it’ll not only make you a better-rounded professional and a fulfilled human being, but also a money making machine!

Let’s explore the topic a bit further, shall we?

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